Saturday 28 July 2018

Poll: What was the best Yes-related album of 1989?

83 of you voted in the latest year poll, for the best Yes-related release of 1989. (Of course, ABWH came out that year, but I just count that as Yes! So it wasn't in the poll.) That leaves:

1. Trevor Rabin: Can't Look Away (w/ White): 35 votes, 42%
2. World Trade: World Trade (w/ Sherwood, Squire): 16 votes, 19%
3. Bill Bruford's Earthworks: Dig?: 11 votes, 13%
4. Paul McCartney: Flowers in the Dirt (w/ Horn): 8 votes, 10%
5. Jonathan Elias: Requiem for the Americas—Songs from the Lost World (w/ Anderson): 6 votes, 7%
6= Bonham: The Disregard of Timekeeping (w/ Rabin): 2 votes, 2%
6= Rick Wakeman: Sea Airs: 2 votes, 2%
8. Steve Howe: Guitar Player: 1 vote, 1%

There were 2 'other' votes for ABWH, and no votes for Simple Minds' Street Fighting Years (w/ Horn), The Moody Blues' Greatest Hits (which included new material w/ Moraz), Bunny Brunel's Momentum (w/ Moraz), Kazumi Watanabe's Kilowatt (w/ Moraz) or Rick Wakeman's Zodiaque.

A good result for Trevor Rabin, taking a clear first, plus sixth equal. A bad result for Patrick Moraz, on three albums this year, but none received any votes. I'm surprised World Trade didn't win: I thought it was a fan favourite.

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