Monday 28 May 2018

Poll: What was the best Yes-related album of 1988?

Another bumper year for Yes-related releases, with Steve Howe in particular busy while not in a major band project of his own. But the prize goes instead to Jon Anderson:

1. Jon Anderson: In the City of Angels, 27 votes (35%)
2. Billy Currie with Steve Howe: Transportation, 9 votes (12%)
3= Kazumi Watanabe: The Spice of Life Too (w/ Bruford), 7 votes (9%)
3= Animal Logic: Animal Logic (w/ Howe), 7 votes (9%)
5. Steve Howe/Paul Sutin: Seraphim, 5 votes (6%)
6= Pet Shop Boys: Introspective (w/ Horn), 4 votes (5%)
6= various artists: Guitar Speak (w/ Howe), 4 votes (5%)
6= Toto: The Seventh One (w/ Anderson), 4 votes (5%)
9= Rick Wakeman: Time Machine, 3 votes (4%)
9= The Moody Blues: Sur la Mer (w/ Moraz), 3 votes (4%)
9= various artists: Night of the Guitar Live! (w/ Howe), 3 votes (4%)
12= Act: Laughter, Tears and Rage (w/ Horn), 1 vote (1%)
12= Gary Wright: Who I Am (w/ White), 1 vote (1%)

There were no votes for Rick Wakeman's A Suite of Gods,The Mint Juleps' Power of Six (produced by Horn), Andy Leek's Say Something (with a bit of session work from Howe) or Plain Clothes Soundtrack (an obscure early Billy Sherwood appearance).

Out of 78 votes in total, all of Howe's appearances together get 28 votes to 31 votes for Anderson's two, but In the City of Angels is the clear winner here. I've always liked it, but it is an attempt by Anderson at a mainstream pop sound. I voted for Introspective, a classic Horn production.

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