Tuesday 3 April 2018

Poll: What was the best Yes-related album of 1987?

What was the best Yes-related album of 1987? 67 of you expressed a preference...

1. Bill Bruford's Earthworks: Earthworks, 21 votes (31%)
2. Geoff Downes: The Light Program, 14 votes (21%)
3. Esquire: Esquire (w/ Squire, Horn, White), 9 votes (13%)
4. Wetton/Manzanera: Wetton/Manzanera, a.k.a. One World (w/ White), 8 votes (12%)
5. David Torn: Cloud About Mercury (w/ Bruford), 7 votes (10%)
6. Rick Wakeman: The Gospels, 3 votes (4%)
7. Gowan: Great Dirty World (w/ Anderson), 2 votes (3%)
8= The New Percussion Group of Amsterdam: Go Between (w/ Bruford), 1 vote (1%)
8= Kazumi Watanabe: The Spice of Life (w/ Bruford), 1 vote (1%)
8= Marc Jordan: Talking Through Pictures (w/ Rabin), 1 vote (1%)

There were no votes for Lisa Hartman's 'Til My Heart Stops (with Rabin) or Rick Wakeman's The Family Album, famous for being the origin of ABWH's "The Meeting".

A busy year for Bruford with three strong albums, but it's the Earthworks debut that wins. Downes' The Light Program comes second, which cheered me as I often think it's an overlooked release.


  1. The Light Program ranks in my top five albums by anyone, ever.

  2. A strong year for side projects. Surprised to see Earthworks at No.1. Great album though not very Yes-like. I thought Esquire was the best w/The Light Program by Downes a close second.