Saturday 7 March 2020

Poll: What was the best Yes-related album of the second half of 2019? Round 2

As per my last post, a large number of late 2019 releases has necessitated a three-part poll to decide the best one. Here's the Round 2 result from 29 votes:

1. Downes Braide Association: Live in England 76% (22 votes)
2. Rodney Matthews and Jeff Scheetz with Oliver Wakeman: Trinity (w/ Wakeman R & O) 10% (3 votes)
3= various artists: A Prog Rock Christmas (w/ Sherwood, Davison, Moraz, Downes) 7% (2 votes)
3= Rick Wakeman: Christmas Portraits 7% (2 votes)

There were no votes for any of the archival Wakeman releases in this poll (Live at Cropedy Festival Oxfordshire UK 2010 with the English Rock Ensemble, Live on Air, Live in Osaka Japan 21st January 1975, Live in Boston Music Hall, MA, USA October 5th 1974, Live in Vienna Austria 1976 with Vienna Ensemble).

So a very clear win for Live in England, with Trinity just scraping through to take the runner-up slot.

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