Friday, 1 February 2019

Best Yes-related album of 1983

You voted, 106 of you... or maybe it was one of you 106 times? But the results are...

1. Asia: Alpha (w/ Downes, Howe) 45 votes (42%)
2. Jon & Vangelis: Private Collection 27 votes (25%)
3. Bruford-Moraz: Music for Piano and Drums 18 votes (17%)
4. The Moody Blues: The Present (w/ Moraz) 7 votes (7%)
5. Mike Oldfield: Crises (w/ Anderson) 4 votes (4%)
6. Malcolm McLaren: Duck Rock (w/ Horn) 3 votes (3%)
7= Al Di Meola: Scenario (w/ Bruford) 1 vote (1%)
7= Rick Wakeman: G'ole! 1 vote (1%)

There were no votes for Annette Peacock's Been in the Streets Too Long (w/ Bruford) or Rick Wakeman's Cost of Living. Not a great poll result for Wakeman, with his first replacement at 3rd and 4th and his second replacement at 1st... and his almost replacement at 2nd. But a clear win for Asia, even with an album even the band somewhat saw as something of a disappointing follow-up.

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