Saturday 4 November 2017

Poll: What was the best Yes-related project of the first half of 2017?

I asked you what the best Yes-related album of the first half of the year was, and you answered. Well, 45 of you did. Not the highest response to a poll, but then not that many releases covered either. Here are the results:

1. Asia: Symfonia - Live in Bulgaria 2013 (w/ Downes): 16 votes (36%)
2= Rick Wakeman: Piano Portraits: 12 votes (27%)
2= World Trade: Unify (w/ Sherwood): 12 votes (27%)
4= Rick Wakeman: Phantom of the Opera: 1 vote (2%)
4= Mogador: Chaptersend (w/ Davison): 1 vote (2%)
4= Light Freedom Revival: Eterniverse Deja Vu (w/ Sherwood, O Wakeman): 1 vote (2%)
4= Chrysta Bell: We Dissolve (w/ Downes): 1 vote (2%)

There was one other voter, who put "None of it very good."

In all, a very split vote. The top three albums were neck and neck for much of the poll period. Piano Portraits was by far the biggest seller, so it's interesting that Asia pipped it to the post in the end. I'm the one vote for Chaptersend: a nice album, I thought, although Davison's involvement is minimal.

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