Thursday 3 August 2017

Poll: What was the best Yes-related album of 1985?

A close result in your 82 choices for the best Yes-related album of 1985:

1. Asia: Astra (w/ Downes): 23 votes (28%)
2. Bruford-Moraz: Flags: 21 votes (26%)
3. Jon Anderson: 3 Ships (w/ Rabin): 16 votes (20%)
4= Propaganda: A Secret Wish (w/ Horn, Howe): 7 votes (9%)
4= Grace Jones: Slave to the Rhythm (w/ Horn): 7 votes (9%)
6= John Paul Jones: Music from the Film Scream for Help (w/ Anderson): 2 votes (2%)
6= Lodgic: Nomadic Sands (w/ Sherwood): 2 votes (2%)
6= Propaganda: Wishful Thinking (w/ Horn, Howe): 2 votes (2%)
9= Rick Wakeman: Live at Hammersmith: 1 vote (1%)
9= Dave Stewart & Barbara Gaskin: Up from the Dark (w/ Bruford): 1 vote (1%)

There were no votes for St Elmo's Fire (w/ Anderson), Agnetha Faltskog's The Eyes of a Woman (w/ Downes), Rick Wakeman's Silent Nights or Beyond the Planets (w/ Wakeman).

So, three very different albums all close together in the top three, with a narrow victory for the third Asia album. But Bruford, Downes and Anderson all manage to be on albums at the top and the bottom of the results.

Horn productions get most of the rest of the votes (combined, they get the same as 3 Ships). Wakeman does badly: he was on three albums that year, which together could only garner a single vote.

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