Friday 23 December 2016

Poll: Best Yes-related album of 1981

Yes officially announced they had broken up at the beginning of 1981, but former and future members were busy with other projects. 68 of you voted in this hard-fought vote to pick the best:

1. King Crimson: Discipline (w/ Bruford): 30 votes (44)%
2. Jon & Vangelis: The Friends of Mr Cairo (w/ Anderson): 24 votes (35%)
3= The Buggles: Adventures in Modern Recording (w/ Horn, Downes, Squire): 7 votes (10%)
3= The Moody Blues: Long Distance Voyager (w/ Moraz): 7 votes (10%)

There were no votes for Rick Wakeman's two albums, 1984 (also with Anderson) and The Burning, nor for Trevor Rabin's Wolf, Badfinger's Say No More (with Kaye) or the obscure Fundamental Frolics (with a live Jon Anderson solo band track). I'll take the lack of votes for the other albums to be a testament to the strength of both Discipline and Mr Cairo.

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