Thursday 3 November 2016

How do we want new ARW music?

In our latest poll, I asked, "Should Anderson Rabin Wakeman release new music as..."

A regular album: 95 votes (81%)
A series of EPs: 11 votes (9%)
On a live album, mixed in with old material: 5 votes (4%)
A series of individual digital tracks: 4 votes (3%)
Not bother with new material: 1 vote (1%)
Other: 1 vote (1%)

The "other" being "Whatever makes them happy". (A bold answer!)

So, pretty clear what we, us fans, want: a standard, regular album release. Which is unfortunate given that both Anderson and Wakeman are talking about doing things more track by track, or perhaps EP by EP.


  1. This is a very complicated issue it should not be but it is and its about time and finance. "Invention of Knowledge" happened because Roine's record company offered to pay for the record. APB happened because of Kickstarter (Hmmm), ARW was supposed to be about making a record not ploughing the nostalgia market but heres the thing Henry how many people want to see yet another revival show with Anderson singing (quite a lot) and how many want a really thought provoking out there record of new music (a lot less). its probably some thing like ratio of 10/1 loads of people went to Andy/Waky in the UK where half the show was Living Tree how many bought it not so many.

    If I was Brian I would say the dollar is in touring and Jon despite the California Love Talk is very cognisant of that and Rick always has been. How much time and lost revenue would they put into a CD that might sell 20,000 units without the Yes name which is the other elephant in the room. Jon phones in his stuff and Rick was going to phone his contribution in. Mind you I am 61 and retired I do not do anything which might lose me money.

  2. Seems I am too late to vote. I don't mind an EP and or digital tracks it has advantagous over albums so I prefer that. I definately don't want new tracks mixed with live material aka Keys 1 & 2

    I'm with the minority and Michelle in wanting a non nostagia new music that breaks new ground which I suspect won't go down well with the hard core fans who want YES of yesteryear

  3. I hadn't thought of this before but if they have a couple of track ready to go (which I believe are the Rabin origin pieces) to put out a low key (Open) style download of a couple of really fresh pieces of music which they can then play in live is a low risk and gives them a sense of their audience. There is a long piece from Rick with a working title of Bolero which could be the next EP and if it goes well like Big Big Train represent it as a complete Full Power type of vibe. It would avoid because its not a full blown project comparisons with CTTE or Talk.

    I probably thought of Open because it fits the critique you mention. Apart from Jon's suffering that "recorded at home whilst still recovering feel", putting his voice with a kind of high end video game vibe worked well. It echoed his love of soundtrack music and orchestral music but was of now. Classic FM sometimes devote entire movie programs to Video Game music and some of it is really good. Very nice to see your views on Henry's Blog. I do miss discussions but there is so much stuff that goes with it I promised myself to keep away from it and I feel much happier for it.

  4. If the material is good, we'll be happy to hear it, in whatever form. If it's bad, it won't matter either! I'd rather have a conventional album release, but it doesn't seem like there'll be a finished album any time soon.

    1. We won't know its good until we hear it !, In regards to format I'll take digital or EP over nothing as I am sure most will. I am still hopeful when I hear the principle[s] say it will surprise. I also recall Pomeroy and Molino III will be used for the actual recordings too