Sunday, 25 October 2009

Poll results: What albums are you looking forward to?

Our most recent poll asked which album you are most looking forward to, from a list of forthcoming releases expected soon. I left the poll up for a while and it's amassed the most votes of any of the polls to date (239 votes).

After about 70 votes, Steve Hackett's new album (on which Squire guests) was ahead, followed by Wakeman's Henry VIII - Live (which has now actually been released) and Yoso. The Steve Howe vote was split three ways, but the votes added up to be comparable to these other releases. However, by the time of the final tally, there had been a substantial surge for these Howe albums.

Final results:
1. Steve Howe Trio live album: 59 (25%)
2. Steve Hackett: Out of the Tunnel's Mouth (w/ Squire): 46 (19%)
3. Steve Howe: Motif, Vol. 2: 42 (18%)
4. Steve Howe: Homebrew 4: 38 (16%)
5. Yoso: Yoso (w/ Kaye, Sherwood): 23 (10%)
6. Rick Wakeman: The Six Wives Of Henry VIII - Live At Hampton Court Palace [Eagle Rock release]: 19 (8%)
7. iCon: Urban Psalm (w/ Downes): 5 (2%)
8. Robbie Williams: Reality Killed the Video Star (w/ Horn): 3 (1%)
9. Billy Sherwood: Xmas songs tribute album (w/ Downes): 2 (1%)
10. Other answer: 2 (1%)
11. Kid Harpoon: Once (w/ Horn): 0 (0%)

So, that's a whopping 59% for Howe!

Note that this was the second release for Henry VIII - Live after the Concert Live edition earlier this year, which itself won the best release of the first half of 2009 poll. That prior release may have suppressed its performance here.

Thursday, 22 October 2009

Guest appearance poll

Interest on the Where Are They Now website and discussion online is, unsurprisingly, on the band mostly, and then on solo albums. But I also cover guest appearances by band members and I wondered how much interest you, my readers, had in them. So the previous poll asked, "Think about your favourite Yes member. Were he to be making a guest appearance on an album, would you...?" There were 72 votes.

Definitely buy it: 13 votes
Probably buy it: 12 votes
Be interested, but it would depend on how much of an appearance he made: 17 votes
Be interested, but it would depend on other factors, like what I thought of the act, what reviews said etc.: 21 votes
Would take a look at a news item, but probably wouldn't make any difference: 4 votes
Not interested at all: 2 votes
Other: 3 votes

So, that's 92% who would at least consider getting such an album. OK then, coverage will continue.