Monday 29 May 2023

Poll: What was the best Yes-related release of the second half of 2022? Round three

There were 20 Yes-related albums released in the second half of 2022, so instead of a single poll, we're going through them in three rounds, with the top 2 from each round going through to the final. The final round covered everything remaining after the first two rounds. 33 of you voted, but because of a logistical problem, only the first 25 votes recorded! So the (partial) results were:

1. Bill Bruford's Earthworks: Live at the Schauburg Bremen 1987 - 9 votes (36%)

2. Seal: Seal Dolby Atmos mix (w/ Horn) - 7 votes (28%)

3. Dave Kerzner: The Traveler Singles (w/ Sherwood, Davison) - 5 votes (20%)

4= various artists: Synthesizer Classics (w/ Downes, Wakeman R, Moraz) - 2 votes (8%)

4= Flash: Live in the USA (w/ Banks) - 2 votes (8%)

6= Fernando Perdomo: Frost Original Motion Picture Soundtrack (w/ Wakeman R, Downes) - 0 votes (0%)

6= Munroe's Thunder: The Black Watch (w/ O Wakeman) - 0 votes (0%)

That means Live at the Schauburg Bremen 1987 and the Dolby Atmos mix of Seal join Rick Wakeman's A Gallery of the Imagination, Carly Rae Jepsen's The Loneliest Time, Prog Collective's Seeking Peace and Virgil & Steve Howe's Lunar Mist in the final, which will be held once I work out the problem with recording votes!

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