Sunday 26 March 2023

What was the best Yes-related album of 1992?

 What was the best Yes-related album of 1992? I asked, you answered, 227 of you. Thanks everyone for voting.

1. Asia: Aqua (w/ Howe, Downes): 135 votes (59%)

2. King Crimson: The Great Deceiver (Live 1973-1974) (w/ Bruford): 30 votes (13%)

3. Kitaro: Dream (w/ Anderson): 22 votes (10%)

4. Rick Wakeman: The Classical Connection II (w/ Bruford, Howe, Squire): 20 votes (9%)

5. Mike Oldfield: Tubular Bells II (w/ Horn): 10 votes (4%)

6. Geoff Downes: Vox Humana: 7 votes (3%)

7. Regulators: The Regulators (w/ Sherwood): 1 vote (0%)

8. Betsy Cook: The Girl Who Ate Herself (w/ Horn): 0 votes (0%)

There were 2 ineligible other votes.

A big win for Aqua, which took me by surprise. The first John Payne album and also Steve Howe's return to Asia featured a somewhat different style to the Wetton era. A second place for the first big King Crimson box set to feature Bruford. I didn't vote for it either, but The Girl Who Are Herself is worth checking out.

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