Saturday 2 November 2019

Poll: What are you most looking forward to?

I had asked what Yes activity are you most looking forward to, but events—the surprise release of From a Page—have rather overtaken this poll, so let's look at your answers now (58 responses).

1. Possible new music from Anderson Rabin Wakeman: 38% (22 votes)
2. Possible new music from Yes (Howe, White etc.): 29% (17 votes)
3. Yes tour playing all of Relayer in 2020: 21% (12 votes)
4. Archival early years/BBC sessions release: 10% (6 votes)
5. Possible Anderson Rabin Wakeman tour in 2020/1: 2% (1 vote)

I don't know how representative you are of all Yes fans, but a massive vote (two thirds) for new music. Also surprising that ARW tops the poll when it comes to new music, but much less excitement for a new tour.

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