Monday, 19 February 2018

Poll: What was the best Yes-related album of 1986?

After 55 votes, the results were...

1. GTR: GTR (w/ Howe, Downes): 35 votes (64%)
2. Frankie Goes to Hollywood: Liverpool (w/ Horn, Howe, Rabin): 7 votes (13%)
3. Rick Wakeman: Country Airs: 5 votes (9%)
4. Tangerine Dream: Legend (w/ Anderson): 3 votes (5%)
5= Akira Inoue: Tokyo Installation (w/ Bruford): 2 votes (4%)
5= The Moody Blues: The Other Side of Life (w/ Moraz): 2 votes (4%)
6. Rick Wakeman: Crimes of Passion: 1 vote (2%)

Much criticised to this day, but GTR sweeps to an easy victory over the rest of the 1986 competition. As chance would have it, while the poll was on, Steve Hackett released a digital single of a new recording of "When the Heart Rules the Mind". Perhaps the album is due a re-evaluation? Frankie's Liverpool was a very distant second.


  1. does anyone know what songs on Liverpool, that you can clearly hear Howe & Rabin on?

  2. Failed to vote (again - mea culpa!), but I'd go for Akira Inoue by a country mile over any of the rest of these...