Saturday, 21 January 2017

Poll: Best Yes-related album of the second half of 2016

There were surprisingly few Yes-related releases in the second half of 2016, and half of them were limited releases through Wakeman's online shop. That might explain why voting was low, just 22 votes, which produced a clear winner:

1. CIRCA:, Valley of the Windmill (w/ Sherwood, Kaye): 18 votes (82%)
2= Rick Wakeman, The Rainbow Suite: 1 vote (5%)
2= Rick Wakeman, The Complete Gospels: 1 vote (5%)
2= Rick Wakeman, Gastank: 1 vote (5%)

There was one 'other' vote for Sherwood's Citizen, but that came out the previous year. There were no votes for Leon Alvarado's The Future Left Behind (w/ Sherwood, Wakeman) or for Action Moves People United (w/ White, Downes, Moraz).

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