Sunday, 1 May 2016

What are you most looking forward to this year?

What are you most looking forward to this year, asked our latest poll. With Anderson Rabin Wakeman becoming a reality, the winner seemed obvious beforehand. Indeed, I was curious if anything else got any votes! So, with 95 votes:

1. Anderson Rabin Wakeman: 48 votes, 51%
2. Anderson/Stolt: 14 votes, 15%
3. Yes touring: 11 votes, 12%
4= More archival or remixed Yes: 5 votes, 5%
4= Asia return: 5 votes, 5%
6. King Crimson touring: 3 votes, 3%
7= Steve Howe Trio releases: 2 votes, 2%
7= Buggles reunion: 2 votes, 2%
7= World Trade reunion: 2 votes, 2%
7= Re-recording of The Myths and Legends of King Arthur: 2 votes, 2%
11. More Anderson Ponty Band: 1 votes, 1%
12. New CIRCA: album: 0 votes, 0%

In the end, I was kind of surprised that ARW "only" just got over 50%, and that Anderson/Stolt did so well, coming 2nd. Big votes of confidence for Anderson's new found focus, pushing the line-up with the band name into 3rd... although the poll was before news of the other reunion with ex-members, i.e. Trevor Horn guesting at two UK shows shortly.

The possibility of archival Yes was 4th equal: I thought it might do better, but I suppose we're in limbo, with rumours of possibilities in the pipeline, like a Panegyric expanded Tales, but nothing actually on the schedules. Asia completed the top 5, with Wetton thankfully doing well in his cancer treatment.

I voted for The Buggles reunion, of course! How can you not be excited about The Buggles reunion?!

Let me know what you voted for, or whether your views have now changed, in the comments below.


  1. I did not vote. I only recently found you on Twitter so I missed the poll.

    I too would have voted for ARW.

    I too follow any sign of activity from the Wetton/Downes songwriting partnership, with a peculiar concern for the well being of the former especially when getting recent pics of his. Already at the 11th round of chemo less than 2 months before his 67 birthday, enjoying every morning of being alive, & saying "I'm not out of the woods yet".

    I didn't check: is there a de facto Buggles reunion or just Trevor Horn joining Yes for a few shows in the UK?

    I'm surprised no one voted for a new CIRCA: album. When I was international reviewer for 2007-10, I reviewed two CIRCA: albums, one DVD, & a Billy Sherwood solo album. I found Gentle Giant similarities on his & I thought he was the prog torch bearer in North America (in composition; later - Mike Portnoy, in event organisation).

  2. Hi Edi. There seems to be an actual Buggles reunion in progress, with Downes and Horn working together on the project in LA in Feb. See