Sunday 19 July 2015

Poll: Best Yes-related album of 1977

93 of you voted on the question of the best Yes-related album of 1977:

1. Rick Wakeman: Criminal Record (w/ Squire, White): 32 (34%)
2. Bill Bruford: Feels Good to Me: 30 (32%)
3. Genesis: Seconds Out (w/ Bruford): 24 (26%)
4. Rick Wakeman: White Rock: 3 (3%)
5= Patrick Moraz: Out in the Sun: 2 (2%)
5= Rabbitt: A Croak and a Grunt in the Night (w/ Rabin): 2 (2%)

There were no votes for the two Detective albums with Kaye, nor for two other albums with Rabin, Rabbitt's Rock Rabbitt and House of the Rising Sun, released under the name Hot R.S.

Criminal Record, perhaps Wakeman's last really successful album, led throughout, although the result was close in the end with Bruford's first solo album challenging, and Bruford's turn with Genesis not far behind. (Thus Bruford appearances overall outpolled Wakeman appearances.) Nothing else got any serious attention.

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