Wednesday 20 August 2014

Favourite track on Heaven & Earth

Heaven & Earth, the new Yes album: what's your favourite track? That was our latest poll. 139 of you voted and the results are:

1. "Subway Walls": 50 (36%)
2. "Believe Again": 27 (19%)
3. "Light of the Ages": 22 (16%)
4. "The Game": 16 (12%)
5. "To Ascend": 14 (10%)
6. "It was All We Knew": 6 (4%)
7. "Step Beyond": 3 (2%)
8. "In a World of Our Own": 1 (1%)

So, Yes fans, or at least the ones who read my website, prefer the longer, 'proggier' tracks.

[Numbers for "Believe Again" corrected, 25 Aug 2014.]


  1. Henry, haven't seen a review from you on this album yet.

    1. Sorry, Steve, your comment got lost in the moderation system until now! I kinda feel too close to the band to provide a meaningful album review.

  2. what are the numbers between the song title and the percentage? If they are the number of votes, then they do not add up to 139. And are they in order?