Saturday, 1 February 2014

Poll: Best Yes-related album of 1971

Our first two historical polls produced very clear results (Tomorrow's eponymous release winning best related album of the 1960s with 95% and King Crimson's Lizard winning best related album of 1970 with 67%), but 1971, the year of my and Jon Davison's birth, was much, much closer. With 70 votes, the results were:

1) George Harrison: All Things Must Pass (w/ White): 15 (21%)
2=) David Bowie: Hunky Dory (w/ Wakeman): 13 (19%)
2=) John Lennon: Imagine (w/ White): 13 (19%)
4) Mainhorse: Mainhorse (w/ Moraz): 10 (14%)  
5) The Strawbs: From the Witchwood (w/ Wakeman): 9 (13%)
6) Cat Stevens: Teaser and the Firecat (w/ Wakeman): 5 (7%)
7) Elton John: Madman Across the Water (w/ Wakeman): 3 (4%)
8) Colin Scot: Colin Scot with Friends (w/ Anderson, Wakeman): 1 (2%)
9=) Yoko Ono: Fly (w/ White): 0 (0%)
9=) Bell and Arc: Bell and Arc (w/ White): 0 (0%)

There was one 'other' vote, but with no choice specified.

The options were dominated by session work from either Rick Wakeman or Alan White, both still to join Yes at this point. White's two albums with former Beatles come first and joint second, although Wakeman's various appearances total marginally more votes (31 versus 28).

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  1. This was a good time to be making music as a business. Post White Album and Abbey Road, that showed there was an sizable paying audience for music that ventured beyond a standard formate of song compisition, but equally enjoyed a good back beat. University life, pub life and tv/radio all contributed to people willing to listen to something more complicted. So the music business responded by loaning a load of jean clad hippies to openly experiment with music, fashion, culture and life style.

    This list reflects such experimentation. But how interesting that those voting in 2013 lean to the more conservative side and stick with the big names. Of course, as always with such a small poll it is foolish to conclude a trend with such little data. And probably like me, some of this stuff I haven't heard (for me, I've not heard Mainhorse, Fly or Bell and Arc). Although of all Henry's recent polls this is a poll where I heard and even own the majority of the music here. The mid table here and albums a regularly listen to and enjoy, from Strawbs down to Colin Scott. I highly recommend Colin Scott being given a listen to if you haven't, From the Witchwood has a classic and unique sound, and Madman Across the Water is the better side of Elton, IMO.