Wednesday 27 February 2013

Poll: Best Yes-related album of 2012, part 2

We had 103 votes for the poll on the best Yes-related album of the second half of 2012. The results were as follows.

1. Rick Wakeman: Journey to the Centre of the Earth - 27 (26%)
2. King Crimson: Larks' Tongues in Aspic [40th anniversary releases] (w/ Bruford) - 18 (17%)
3. Mystery: The World is a Game (w/ David) - 16 (16%)
4. Downes Braide Association: Pictures of You (w/ Downes) - 11 (11%)
5. Glass Hammer: Perilous (w/ Davison) - 8 (8%)
6. Asia: Asia [30th anniversary box] (w/ Downes, Howe) - 5 (5%)
7= The Prog Collective (w/ Sherwood, Wakeman, Kaye, Banks, Squire) - 4 (4%)
7= Dennis Haklar: Lizard's Tale (w/ Anderson) - 4 (4%)
9= Spector: Enjoy It While It Lasts (w/ Horn) - 2 (2%)
9= Edison's Lab: Edison's Lab EP (w/ Sherwood, Kaye) - 2ish (2%)*
9= Other - 2 (2%)
12= Songs of the Century: An All-Star Tribute to Supertramp (w/ Sherwood, Squire, Kaye, Wakeman, Banks, Downes) - 1 (1%)
12= The Fusion Syndicate (w/ Sherwood, Wakeman, Kaye) - 1 (1%)
12= Billy Sherwood: The Art of Survival - 1 (1%)
12= Wave Mechanics Union: Futher to Fly (w/ Anderson) - 1 (1%)

There were 2 votes for 'other', but neither specified what. There were no votes for three tribute albums on Cleopatra Records involving Billy Sherwood, one by Nektar, one for The Who and one for The Black Keys.

Nostalgia rules the roost this period, with a remake of a 1970s album and an anniversary re-issue of another taking over 40% of the vote. Another anniversary re-issue made sixth. Post-Anderson vocalists also did well, with David singing with Mystery in third and Davison singing with Glass Hammer in fifth. Fourth was the Downes Braide Association album. Billy Sherwood led multiple projects in this period, three featuring multiple Yesmen guesting, but only The Prog Collective received more than one vote.

* The Edison's Lab EP received 7 votes, a surprisingly good showing for a less well-known project featuring guest appearances from Sherwood and Kaye. However, it was clear from the voting patterns that this reflected an attempt to distort the results. While I can understand how enthusiasm for music can lead people to want to promote the music they love, it rather undermines the point of a poll like this. So I've excluded 5 votes as misleading.

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