Friday, 24 June 2011

What should Yes play live in July?

Results to a quickie poll on the main site, I asked what should be the focus for the forthcoming Yes tour, and your answers (82 votes in total) were:

Play songs from the new album, Fly from Here: 46.3 votes
Play more from Drama: 12.3
Play neglected pieces from the late 1990s/2000s: 8.5
Play neglected pieces from the 1970s: 6.8
Play neglected pieces from the YesWest era: 4
Play neglected pieces from the Banks era: 1
Play the 'greatest hits': 1
More solo spots for each band member: 1

So, that's pretty conclusive. Some reports have suggested a focus on Fly from Here and Drama, which will please fans. However, in a recent Billboard interview, Squire described the tour with Styx as, "more of a summer shed, rock 'n' roll-y tour and we'll have to obviously play Yes songs people are familiar with and squeeze it all into 90 minutes." He did add, "Later on [referring to the European leg] we'll hopefully go into a format where we have a longer playing time, so we'll be presenting more of the new album."


  1. Man In A White Car27 June 2011 at 18:43

    Punish the naysayers and just play Drama/Fly From Here. Like they did for the Topographic Oceans tour. Play the album in it's entirety with one or two encore songs, get someone to eat a curry live on stage and voila! Instant success!

    Seriously though, They should open with 'Beyond And Before' and close with 'Into The Storm'.

  2. Fly from Here on Japan official charts (oricon):
    first week #56
    second week #86
    total sales on japan: 3542