Tuesday, 24 May 2011

Fly from Captivity

Fevered excitement is the order of the day online with Yes's new album Fly from Here so close, and new details emerging very day. I've just put track times up on the news site and below. There's a great high resolution image of Dean's album cover here where you can really see the detail, like the two panthers in the trees. Speaking of panthers, I'm hearing the first few comments from people who have heard the album: it's like Drama, and it's not like Drama...

But let's not overlook some other Yes-related projects coming out shortly. After a great debut album, Mars Hollow are shortly to release their second album, produced by Billy Sherwood — more on that in due course. And then there's John Wetton's Raised in Captivity, produced/mixed/co-written/co-performed by Sherwood and out at the same time as Fly from Here. Frontiers have released three snippets of the album (see on the news site under Sherwood) and that distinctive Sherwood sound can be heard, suggesting this is perhaps as much a "John Wetton & Billy Sherwood" album as a John Wetton solo album.

Fly from Here
side A:
1. Fly From Here - Overture (1:54)
2. Fly From Here Pt I - We Can Fly (6:01)
3. Fly From Here Pt II - Sad Night at the Airfield (6:42)
4. Fly From Here Pt III - Madman at the Screens (5:17)
5. Fly From Here Pt IV - Bumpy Ride (2:15)
6. Fly From Here Pt V - We Can Fly Reprise (1:48)

side B:
7. The Man You Always Wanted Me to Be (5:13)
8. Life on a Film Set (5:12)
9. Hour of Need (3:08)
10. Solitaire (3:30) [Howe solo]
11. Into the Storm (6:54)


  1. Henry, A great many thanks for your excellent coverage of the band and fellows we all know and love. Like everyone else we are all outside looking in to "Fly From Here". The album cover and logo look fresh as does the comments about the new music. My biggest hope as with all new Yes music is that it doesn't get overlooked and overshadowed on-stage. Furthermore I hope this new recording is a commercial success for the band.

    Sidenote, I saw Jon Anderson in Woodstock, VT on Saturday and his voice was really right on. I then got the chance to meet him and yes he seems quite fraile but he still has that glow of happiness, his spirit is strong.

    Many Thanks, Andy Keal

  2. Henry,

    Thanks, as always, for the superb updates. I had to crack a smile when I saw the "Side A/Side B" annotations. This must mean that it's being released on vinyl, right? :)

    - Fredblue

  3. Yes, indeed, there's a vinyl release out on the same day.

  4. Love the Roger Dean artwork for Fly From Here. Looking forward to John Wetton's solo effort but hearing the samples it does not really remind me of his Battle lines album. Your right in saying that is a Wetton/Sherwood album. I definitely hear both styles in the mix.

  5. Henry - Thanks for all of the great info. As I suspected, not only are the Japanese fans getting an earlier release date of FFH, but a bonus track as well. A longer version of 'Hour in Need' than the normal 3:08.....any idea how long the bonus track version will be? Regards, Vic

  6. No word yet on how long the Japanese bonus "Hour of Need" is.