Sunday 10 April 2011

AWR, official sites and a response

I recently reported, based on information I had received and believed to be reliable, that the Anderson Wakeman Rabin project was dead in the water. However, denials soon followed, most notably from Rick Wakeman in his April GORR. I quote the key section:

Wayne has mentioned to me that he received a lot of e-mails to the site displaying their displeasure at the news that the proposed project with Trevor Rabin and Jon Anderson was not going ahead. I must admit I threw my head in my hands when he told me as it is, to the very best of my knowledge and certainly Jon's as well, total rubbish.

There are some not very nice people out there who like to stir things up, and believe it or not, we know who some of them are. They are the equivalent to people who start computer viruses and I have no time for them. I have always said that if you hear a rumour, log into this site, and if it's confirmed here, then it's true. If it isn't, then treat it as a rumour started by somebody who thinks they know something, but actually don't!

Which would appear to be directed at me and the site!

I am, to say the least, confused as to the current situation with the project. I have faith in what I've heard, that there are issues with the AWR project, but the above and another denial from close to the trio are pretty clear. So, exactly what is going on, I don't know. My apologies if I am wrong.

I hope I am wrong. I'd like to see this project go forward. Rick's presumption of malice is wrong, but not unexpected: he's expressed similar negative views about online discussion before now. But I do agree with Rick that if you want the official news, go to the official sites.

I sometimes see people online going, "Henry said it, so it must be true," which is flattering, but mistaken. I am not an official site, I will deal with rumour, and I do get things wrong. I do my best to be right and how I work means I can often scoop official sites (as with the recent news around Geoff Downes replacing Oliver Wakeman), but I am wrong-footed too (I presumed the Mexico Yes dates in May would automatically be with Downes, but it appears that O. Wakeman may still be in the band for those). So, fingers crossed that AWR will move forward, and I'll update with any further news I hear.


  1. OK, friend. I believe in you!

  2. I wouldn't worry about it. They (AWR) need to actually say yes or no to the project and if not this year hopefully next. I don't why all three can't say we are planning to do an album in the summer and tour in the fall either for 2011 or 2012. I think you are sincere in your comments being a fan of the band and if you got it wrong you'll clarify it.(Like now) Just as the newspapers would.

  3. Henry, also to your defense:

    Rick recently denied the rumor that Oliver was leaving Yes.

    He was, of course, wrong, and you were right.

  4. Henry - I wouldn't take Rick Wakeman's comments personnally. I do suspect that AWR is not all plain sailing especially in regards to schedules. Imho any AWR project is going to be a long drawn out affair as shown to date - xlink_nz

  5. Rick's expressed "negative views about online discussion" huh? Does that include his rants about the current Yes? This is a good example of what goes around, comes around. Good work Henry, you've exposed Rick to the laws of karma.

  6. If Rick was attemtping to intimate you were operating with malice aforethought, then in that aspect I would say he is completely incorrect. The fans know you're trying to do the best you can from an unofficial standpoint. However, depending on who you talk to, and what day you talk to them, opinion of the project's viability varies. But what seems to be forgotten is that naturally Rick has a vested interest in ensuring the project *appears* to be going forward (despite the actual status), otherwise he's going to look foolish for making this all public in the first place.

  7. Donovan Mayne-Nicholls13 June 2011 at 14:10

    Back in the 70's, Mr Wakeman quit a proposed project with Bruford and Wetton on the basis that they were willing to sign them without them having played a single note. A decade later, Mr wakeman's ethics had substantially lowered and he agreed to put his name on an album he barely played at all, ABWH. When poor Jonathan Elias attempted to have him and Mr Howe play for real on a subsequent album, Mr Wakeman refused on the grounds that he had to watch the world cup! Of course he went on to denounce Mr Elias for substituting his parts with session players, being very careful not to include Mr Anderson in the controversy. It was Mr Anderson's call that the album had to proceed with or without the members participation. The whole ABWH lineup was a con. I'm appalled at how badly they paly in the Union tour and how the songs are carried by the "lesser" players Msrs Squire, Rabin, White and Kaye. I don't expect this new project ABWR or AWR or whatever to be anything but another attempt by Jon Anderson to screw up Chris's attempts to continue with the real band as he did in '89-91.