Sunday 20 March 2011

DPRP poll

I always like to see DPRP's poll of the best prog rock of the year. Their 2010 results are now out: see here. But I wondered how Yes-related acts did in this broader field.

Favourite Album: Won by Spock's Beard's X, the best Yes-related performance was Mystery's One Among the Living (with Benoît David, plus Oliver Wakeman guesting) at #18. Steve Hackett's Out of the Tunnel's Mouth (with Chris Squire guesting) was just behind at #20. Asia's Omega was at #26. The Living Tree was at #44. Then we have to jump to #132 and Yoso's Elements. Lower albums get less than 5 votes each, so I haven't trawled through the rest of the list.

Favourite DVD: Won by Transatlantic's "An Evening With Transatlantic: Whirld Tour 2010", but Asia's "Spirit Of The Night: Live In Cambridge 2009" managed #19.

Favourite Track: Won by Spock's Beard's "Jaws of Heaven". Mystery's "Through Different Eyes" was 34th equal. Steve Hackett's "Fire on the Moon" (with Squire) was 43rd equal.

Favourite Art: Won by Unitopia's Artificial. Asia's Omega came 19th equal.

Favourite Concert: Won by Transatlantic at Tilburg. Nothing Yes-related got more than one vote.

Biggest Disappointment: Won by Mike Portnoy's departure from Dream Theater. The Living Tree came 11th equal here, while Anderson not returning to Yes was 16th equal (although that's on a mere 4 votes).

Favourite Newcomer: Won by UK band Haken. Mars Hollow came 7th, and Billy Sherwood is producing their second album. Yoso came 16th equal.

Biggest Happening: Also won by Portnoy's departure from Dream Theater! The announcement of Yes's new album made 16th equal (on 3 votes).

Favourite Guitarist: Won by Steve Hackett for Out of the Tunnel's Mouth. Jeff Beck for Emotion & Commotion (exec. producer: Trevor Horn) was 13th equal. Steve Howe picked up a couple of votes only.

Favourite Keyboardist: Won by Ryo Okumoto for Spock's Beard's X. Downes (for Omega) and R. Wakeman (for The Living Tree) were tied at #17.

Favourite Vocalist: Won by Daniel Gildenlow for Pain of Salvation's Road Salt One. Benoît David (for One Among the Living) was 11th equal. Jon Anderson shared 25th equal (for The Living Tree) with John Wetton (for Omega).

Favourite Drummer: Won by Nick D'Virgilio for Spock's Beard's X. Carl Palmer was 12th equal (for Omega).

Favourite Bassist: Won by Dave Meros for, guess what, Spock's Beard's X. John Wetton was at #9 (for Omega). Tony Levin was 13th equal (for Stick Men's Soup).

So, overall, and perhaps surprising some Yes fans, David and One Among the Living pretty much beating Anderson and The Living Tree! And a reasonable performance by Asia and Hackett's Out of the Tunnel's Mouth.

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