Friday, 11 February 2011

What a difference a day makes

Hosni Mubarak has resigned, and such an event is clearly more important than anything that happens in the world of prog! But you will forgive if this blog focuses on today's other events...

UK have re-formed: John Wetton and Eddie Jobson are joined by Jobson's UKZ mates Alex Machacek on guitar and Marco Minnemann on drums. Two Japanese dates are being advertised, but presumably there will be a fuller tour. In one sense, this is hugely unexpected: we've been waiting thirty years (lol) for a UK reunion. Then again, given we had almost the same band when Wetton joined U-Z for three Polish shows in Poland in 2009 (now captured on Ultimate Zero Tour - Live), and given Jobson's recently guested on Wetton's new solo album, it's hardly surprising at all to hear this news. Still, I'm looking forward to it immensely and hope we get European dates.

Wetton's been recording his solo album with Billy Sherwood in LA. Anyone following Geoff Downes' tweets will have seen he's been in LA too, attending the NAMM show and also guesting on Wetton's album. Of course, Yes have also been recording in LA, produced by Trevor Horn. Surely Downes must have popped by to visit!

Well, yes, he did... and more. It's now emerged that Downes has been recording with Yes for their new album. (Downes is now back in the UK, and Yes are still working on the album.) So, what does this mean? A guest appearance? A reunion of the Drama band on "We Can Fly from Here", already thought to feature Horn on vocals? Or something more?

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