Thursday 22 October 2009

Guest appearance poll

Interest on the Where Are They Now website and discussion online is, unsurprisingly, on the band mostly, and then on solo albums. But I also cover guest appearances by band members and I wondered how much interest you, my readers, had in them. So the previous poll asked, "Think about your favourite Yes member. Were he to be making a guest appearance on an album, would you...?" There were 72 votes.

Definitely buy it: 13 votes
Probably buy it: 12 votes
Be interested, but it would depend on how much of an appearance he made: 17 votes
Be interested, but it would depend on other factors, like what I thought of the act, what reviews said etc.: 21 votes
Would take a look at a news item, but probably wouldn't make any difference: 4 votes
Not interested at all: 2 votes
Other: 3 votes

So, that's 92% who would at least consider getting such an album. OK then, coverage will continue.

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